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This article is part of The Penmen Press’s annual April Fool’s edition. Even journalists need to have fun once in a while…

The current President of Southern New Hampshire Uni­versity, Paul LeBlanc, is well-known around campus for his excellent backhand racquet­ball swing and his great rap­port with students, but there’s always been one question that he’s been avoiding. Is he relat­ed to the “Friends” actor Matt LeBlanc?

They have the same last name, the same look, and the same charm. It was only a mat­ter of time before we were able to connect the dots, and the Penmen Press have finally been able to do what no other news organization in New Hamp­shire has ever attempted to do before. Prove beyond a reason­able doubt that Paul LeBlanc is the father Matt LeBlanc.

After examining the birth certificates of both men proved inconclusive, Paul’s record of birth has almost certainly been destroyed in the case that a cer­tain on-campus news organiza­tion might want to dispute his claim of only just entering his 40’s recently, we’re not buying it Paul, our investigators de­cided that the evidence must be waiting right in front of our noses.

After intense research into the pasts of both men the truth finally appeared. LeBlanc’s first job in education, at the well respected Havenhurst College which also happened to be the setting of LeBlanc’s early break­out role in “Class of ‘96”. Word has it that LeBlanc’s connec­tions within the New England college allowed LeBlanc to score an audition.

When LeBlanc was con­fronted with this information heading to racquetball practice he confirmed what we had all summarized. “Matt is my son, it’s true. But I haven’t kept a distance between us because I don’t love him. I just didn’t want to overshadow what Matt has been able to do in his act­ing career. I think that he’s done just fine for himself, I don’t want him to have to be compared to me. It isn’t fair for him.”

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