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Due to more than a few stray hairs found in several students’ meals, Sodexo will no longer be Southern New Hampshire Uni­versity’s (SNHU) meal provider, and President Leblanc had an unheard of idea to fix the prob­lem. Starting in the Fall of 2016, several fast food franchises will be moving into the Dining Hall.

McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s, KFC, Taco Bell, Son­ic Drive-In, Duchess, Subway, Dairy Queen, Popeyes, and Dunkin Donuts will be serv­ing students their meals for at least the duration of the 2016-17 school year.

“Popeyes shrimp is honestly the only reason why this is hap­pening,” said Leblanc. “It’s a per­sonal favorite of mine, and once I decided to let them become a part of the SNHU community, McDonalds and all the other companies starting blowing up my email until I told them they could come too.”

Each company will be serv­ing their entire menus so no student will be deprived of their personal favorites.

“I’m afraid of this change,” said Freshman Jebediah Dimi­trius. “It took all year for me to remember the schedule for each meal from Sodexo; now I’m go­ing to have to remember it for a dozen different companies?”

An official time schedule has not been released for the Din­ing Hall on whether there will be universal hours of service for each meal or if each franchise will have their own. However, 24-hour service has been con­firmed for McDonalds, Taco Bell, and Dairy Queen.

Junior student Denice Ye­naldo is excited about these changes. “This will save me from the risk of driving late at night on the weekends when I’m hav­ing a craving for a taco or a Big Mac,” Yenaldo said.

The inclusion of Sonic Drive-In is also marking for the first one of the franchise to open in New Hampshire. It will even have Skating Carhops to deliver food to students out at their cars or on the Green Space. They will carry portable devices for stu­dents to swipe their cards at, so students can still include their food as part of the meal plan.

Rumors have sparked of a drive-through system being im­plemented for several of the fast food chains.

“I can’t comment on the possibility of a drive thru yet,” said Leblanc. “However, there will be a drive-through of sorts for those students who ride skateboards and scooters across campus. I’m sure they’ll be hap­py about that.”

SNHU students can expect big changes in their dietary hab­its on campus this next semester.

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