Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) Gearheads, a new club on campus this semes­ter, has peaked many students’ interests, starting strong with 58 active members.

Gearheads is a car enthusiast club where members are able to showcase their cars and hang out with other like-minded individu­als. Josh Walker, the president and founder of the club, got Gear­heads approved in December.

When asked about his goals for the club this semester, Walker said, “Definitely to grow more because I think it’s great; it’s the only club of its kind on campus. There’s no other club for like-minded people in the sense of cars.”

Dates that members plan on getting together to hang out with their cars are sent to all club mem­bers. They have general member meetings once or twice a month on Thursdays at 6 p.m. Meetings take place in the lower parking lot behind Webster Hall on warm days and in the Corcoran Confer­ence Room of the Student Center on days when it is cold.

There has been one general meeting so far this semester, and no events, but Walker has plans for the Gearheads later in the se­mester.

“In April, when it’s a little warmer, we’re going to have a car show,” said Walker. “It will be on April 2, and we’re inviting people both on campus and off campus.”

Walker plans to have various sponsors and automotive compa­nies come to the event along with food trucks. It is planned to take place in a section of the East Side parking lot that Public Safety will close off during the event’s time slot.

“It will essentially be ‘Bring Your Own Cars,’” said Walker. “There will be several different categories ranging from Euro­pean cars all the way to Mud Trucks. There will be several dif­ferent categories so it’s inclusive for everyone.”

Walker hopes that Gearheads will host even more events in the future. He wants to put on several cruises, but knows that those will take a lot of planning to really be sucessful.

The club is open to all stu­dents, and anyone that has ques­tions or is interested can contact Walker at joshua.walker2@snhu. edu.

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