Clinton’s campaign met unexpected road bumps in New Hampshire. (image credit: Tyler Leighton)

Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) was once again host to Hillary Clinton as she waited to hear the re­sults in the New Hampshire Primary on Feb. 9. This time though, the results didn’t go in Clinton’s favor. By the end of the night it was Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump who were celebrating their resounding victories in New Hampshire.

Clinton came to the stage to address the crowd with her husband, Bill Clinton, as well as their daughter, Chelsea Clinton. Hillary was met with many boisterous supporters and wall-to-wall press. Even though she did not beat candi­date Sanders, she still congrat­ulated him in the beginning of her speech

Clinton expressed how change is what this nation needs in order to be success­ful.

She on the topic of Flint, Michigan and their serious water issue as well as the wage difference between men and women.

“No bank could be too big to fail and no executives to powerful to jail. You can count on it.”

She spoke about getting better jobs into the economy and higher wages so people don’t have to struggle to live. “We need to build a growth and fairness economy with higher wages and more good paying jobs.”

Clinton was disappointed about losing the New Hamp­shire Primary but she will for­ever have a place in her heart for the state.“I still love New Hampshire, and I always will.”

In the weeks since polls closed in New Hampshire they began opening across the country. The Nevada Caucus for Democrats on Feb 20 saw Hilary Clinton winning with 52.7% with Bernie Sanders just behind in close second place with 47.2%.

The South Carolina Pri­mary for Republicans, also on Feb. 20, saw Donald Trump winning with 32.5% of the votes and Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz following with 22.5% and 22.3% of the votes respectively.

Next on the political cal­ender is the South Carolina Primary on Feb. 27 for the Democratic candidates.

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