Don’t stress if you missed Black Friday or Cyber Monday. If you were smart and didn’t spend your life savings on Black Friday like I did last year, there’s still plenty of time left to find deals. Black Friday has some decent sales, but in reality, the items you got on Black Friday will most likely go on sale again at some point during the month of December.  

Amazon is your new best friend! As students, we have Amazon Prime for a free six month trial, which means you will get free two day shipping. The holidays are the perfect time to take advantage of it! It’s the ideal way to avoid those long lines and full parking lots.  

Mall-ing. This is a difficult part of the holiday season because you know there will be no empty parking spots when you pull into the parking lot, many angry drivers (especially if you’re in Mass.), and hordes of people bustling around the mall. Honestly, there’s nothing you can do about it.  

Just know that you’re human and you’re going to have a moment (or more) where you’re going to want to pull your hair out and punch the guy cutting the line. That’s just the season, the best way to get through it is to bring your favorite Starbucks beverage in that seasonal red cup we all love.

That bank account though. You’ve saved all the money you’ve made from your job, which pays the minimum wage of $7.50 an hour in New Hampshire. Then, the holidays creep up and you have to buy presents for your mom, dad, Betty Jane, and Billy Bear. Now, let’s get real, you can’t buy your mom a five dollar present and call it a day. It’s a problem. Because now you’re spending $50-$100 on each family member and you’re left with nothing in your bank account when you come back to school.  

Don’t do it to yourself. Budget your money. Don’t buy excessively. Think creatively! You don’t need to buy your dad a new tablet for Christmas. Just don’t go too cheap on him either…remember it’s the thought that count. Now you’re probably thinking I call bull… Well, guess what? It’s true!

My last tip before you order a bunch of presents online and find yourself in American Eagle when you’re supposed to be in Macy’s finding your mom a gift. Make yourself a list. Put down what you tentatively want to buy and try to find a place where you can get it on sale. Or don’t. It’s your money and if you want to buy presents from Vineyard Vines, you do you.

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