An Open Mic Night, sponsored by the Creative Writing Club, Student Activists for Gender Equality (SAGE) and Generation Equality, was held on Nov. 5 in the Pub. The theme for the event was equality, and students were encouraged to share poems, short stories, or songs around this theme.

The night began strong with cookies, and a performance by Richie Oliver and his guitar, playing “Scarlet Begonias” by The Grateful Dead and a song by The Beatles. The event continued on with finger-snapping-good poetry by the brave souls who dared to take the stage.

The large crowd that attended was also educated on what one man learned during this year’s Halloween excursions. The Coke Legends made an appearance to share their music, inviting people to sing along, as did two young boys in their rendition of “We Will Rock You” by Queen.

Sophomore student Kaitlin Tetreault said, “I thought it was a cool experience. The musical acts were great, especially the guitarist duo. Those that read aloud covered a lot of deep topics that I wasn’t expecting.”

Despite the theme of equality being ignored by most of the performances that took place that night, students still thought it was good fun. Melanie Friese, a senior student and President of SAGE, said, “There were a variety of acts, but I enjoyed the people who read their poetry the most. No one recognized or stuck with the theme of equality, but it was fine that no one did.” Both clubs throw out a huge thank you to all participants.

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