Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week is being put on by the Center for Community Engagement (CCEL) the week of Nov. 15 to Nov. 21.

Throughout the week, students can stop by the dining center to pick up a schedule of the events that are going on, an orange awareness ribbon, as well as donate money from your meal plan. That money will then go to the New Hampshire Food Bank.

To kick off the week on Monday Nov. 16 there will be a “Faces of Homelessness” panel in the Last Chapter Pub at 5 p. m. Then at 8 p.m., there is another event called “A Place at the Table” that will be held in Walker Auditorium. This documentary will show how hunger poses serious economic, social, and cultural implications.

On Tuesday, Nov. 17, there will be an event called “Foodstruction” and it will be held in the Hospitality Salons at 5 p.m. Students will be able to make teams and will construct a sculpture using non-perishable foods.

If they are not very artsy, that’s okay too! Students can come enjoy free snacks, watch the sculptures be built, and cheer on their friends. Students are also encouraged to donate any non-perishable food as well.

Then on Wednesday, Nov. 18 there will be some special guest speakers at SNHU in the Dining Center Banquet Hall at 7 p.m. Zach Ingrassi and Chris Temple from the award-winning documentary, “Living On One” will be talking about their experiences. They spent two months living in Guatemala on only a dollar a day to understand what it is like to live in extreme poverty.

The last event for Hunger and Homelessness Week will be on Thursday, Nov. 17 in the Dining Center Miles Room at 9 p.m., called “Stop Hunger Now.”

This event will be sponsored by the Outreach Club. Volunteers will be packaging dehydrated foods to be sent out to countries around the world. Their goal is 10,000 meals so bring a pair of helping hands.

Yet students are encouraged not to stop after Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week! There are all different one time service projects that students can sign up for and help out their community.

Interested students can stop by the Center for Community Engaged Learning located in Stark Hall room 14.

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