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Did you know there are more job and internship positions available in SNHURecruit than can currently be filled? Employers have taken notice in Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) students and they’re coming here to hire.

Taking advantage of these opportunities is a given, but do you ever find the interview and hiring process to be way too overwhelming, or you don’t quite have that competitive edge?

Well, you’re not alone, and help is located right down in Merrimack Hall! The Career Development Center (CDC) has an abundance of resources and experts to help.

While I wouldn’t necessarily call myself an expert, since the CDC hired me as a student worker, I’ve been learning quite a bit. Check out some of my blog posts on CareerEdge.snhu.edu.

In addition to CareerEdge, I’ll be writing for this recent column in the news section here in the Penmen Press. This section will be just another way to bring the CDC closer to you, in fun, non-intimidating ways.

So, if hearing the student perspective on career development is more at your tempo, I’m more than willing to help in any way I can.

As a senior, I’ve had three internships and six different temporary jobs. Needless to say, I’ve been through the interview and hiring process a few times. Whether it’s applying, preparing, or how to conduct yourself before, during, or after the interview, I have some experience.

On CareerEdge, I’m helping to write for the current blog collection: The Job Interview Series, which offers up tons of advice, tips, tricks and hacks to be successful in the hiring process.

CareerEdge is a pretty neat tool. It doesn’t just have blogs, but it allows you to customize your email alerts so you’re only hearing about job and internship postings that apply to you! So if you’re a Sports Management major, you won’t be bothered by a notification of an IT position.

I encourage you to check out CareerEdge (not only just to read my blogs!) but to take advantage of all the resources there to help you take control, get the edge, and become an expert in your career development too.

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