Peer-to-Peer Workshops a “Win-Win” for Everyone

Does the saying “students learn from teachers and teach­ers learn from students” sound familiar? For those who work at (or visit) The Learning Center, this quote accurately sums up a similar phenomenon that oc­curs every day during tutoring sessions: students benefit from peer educators (tutors), and peer educators benefit from students. However, perhaps no tutor­ing session or event symbolizes this give-and-take relationship better than
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“Defamation”: A Courtroom Drama with a Twist

A stern, sharp featured wom­an stepped onto the stage. She made it clear she wasn’t going to put up with any disorder in her court when she demanded the audience remain seated, silence their phones and even refrain from throat clearing. This woman was Judge Adri­an Barnes; she was portrayed by Jeanne T. Arrigo. On Nov. 3, Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) welcomed Canamac

Fashion Students Take New York City by Storm

Fashion Merchandising students from Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) hit the streets of New York City (NYC) to connect with success­ful working alumni. On Oct. 20 through Oct. 21, Dr. Eklou Amendah and representatives from the Career and Professional Development Center accompa­nied a group of 11 students in N.Y. Career Development collab­orated with the Office of Alum­ni Engagement to find SNHU alumni who work

Lean on Me When You’re Not Strong

Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) has an in­credibly diverse number of clubs and organizations that are open for any student to join. Because of tight schedules, students tend to pick the one or two clubs where their interests and skills best align. The opportunity for club collaboration is constantly changing and evolving, and by highlighting some of the differ­ent forms of collaboration, The Penmen