Patty Lynott: A Visionary for Change

Patricia “Patty” Lynott grew up in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. She attended Trinity College in Illinois for her undergraduate degree and then moved on to the graduate program in Northern Illinois University before finally receiving her PhD from Loyola University in Chicago. She has dedicated more than a decade to SNHU as Provost and in November 2017 she became the President of

Paul Santerre: Never a Dull Moment

Paul Santerre just finished up his first semester as a professor at SNHU, although it is far from his first position teaching his passion: music. Paul has been teaching since the Spring of 1983, right after he completed his undergrad at Keene State University, having studied K-12 Music Education. After 15 years, Paul decided to pursue his master degree in Instrumental Conducting at the

Kenneth Williams: A Teacher That Will Always Be Remembered

Sometimes, a teacher doesn’t always get through to their students. For a teacher like Professor Kenneth Williams, he’s a teacher that one will remember throughout their lives. Any student that’s had the pleasure of taking the class Education 102: Foundations of Education, either for a major, minor or simply an elective, has had the opportunity to learn valuable information from Professor Williams, an adjunct

Tom Balestracci: Involved for Life

Some professionals in their industries knew that they would be in their respective careers from the moment they entered university. Others ended up in their fields by accident, but now have zero intentions of leaving. One of those who didn’t know where he’d end up right away is Thomas Balestracci, the Assis­tant Director of Student Involve­ment at SNHU. Balestracci, 26, is in his sec­ond

Leah Richards Starts New Leg of her SNHU Journey in Both Student Success and the Learning Center

The new school year brings changes for everyone, students and faculty alike. For some, however, these changes are more drastic than others and bring about a change in title, office and mindset. For Leah Richards, the 2017-2018 school year brought brand new positions, challenges and goals that needed to be set to ensure the success of SNHU Students. Going into her eighth year at

Jim Winn Protects the SNHU Community

Public Safety officers have many responsibilities and duties that most students may not know about. They work every day to ensure that the campus is safe for every student and faculty member. They listen to student concerns and requests, and respond to incidents on campus. Because of the Department of Public Safety, located in the Morrissey House next to the library, students and faculty