Paul LeBlanc Uses Innovation to Steer Success

"Higher education as an industry is very tradition bound [and] changes slowly," said SNHU President Paul Leblanc. It takes a strong-willed risk-taker to break down the walls of tradition and build up new ones. LeBlanc is at the forefront of higher education and uses the process of innovation to create new breakthroughs within it. LeBlanc keeps himself in the conversation of innovation by allowing

Leblanc Details SNHU Improvements Coming to Campus

Beginning in May 2018, SNHU will begin construction on a new College of Engineering, Technology and Aeronautics (CETA) building, as well as a new green space in place of the townhouses and Washington parking lot, respectively. These construction projects are only a few of many that the SNHU community can expect in the near future.The new green space, inspired by the likes of Northeastern

Paul LeBlanc’s Holiday Wishes to SNHU Community #CelebrateSNHU

This December, the Penmen Press has launched a storytelling initiative #CelebrateSNHU to share the holiday traditions of SNHU students, faculty and alumni. Kicking off these stories is President Paul LeBlanc who highlighted his family’s Christmas tradition of decorating their tree while listening to John Lennon’s “Happy Xmas” and wearing their reindeer antlers. As we enter the holiday season, multiple events exist on campus to

APRIL FOOL’S: President LeBlanc Onto Bigger Things In 2020

This article is part of The Penmen Press's annual April Fool's edition. Even journalists need to have fun once in a while... While the 2016 Presidential Election season has only very recently come to a close, American citizens can already begin campaigning for the next candidate running to be leader of the free world: Paul LeBlanc. A recent law change has allowed non-American born

Michelle Obama Makes History at SNHU

Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) President Paul LeBlanc tweeted on Monday, Oct. 10, that the campus would be hosting a “very, very special VIP visitor” later that week. Students and faculty quickly began pegging @snhuprez with their guesses, which ranged from David Ortiz to Missy Elliot. The next morning, news dropped that the First Lady of the United States would be coming to N.H.

Celebration of Light 2.0

On Dec 2. the Student Government Association (SGA) chapter at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) held its annual Celebration of Light ceremony in the Student Center from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. While this event has been held in the past, this year, participants may have noticed a refreshing difference from years past. For the first time here at SNHU, the Celebration of Light