SNHU Hosts Dream Catchers Friendraiser

SNHU recently hosted a ‘friendraiser’ in partnership with Dream Catchers NH. Organizational Behaviours (OL-342) is taught by Dr. Lowell Matthews. This semester long project required students to not only work in the classroom but outside as well. The event helped Dream Catchers spread the word about their organization, as well as involve the campus and community. They are a non-profit organization, which helps provide
Penmen Passion

Lowell Matthews Builds Networks and Community

SNHU-303 courses boast that networking is key for success in any industry, particularly for meeting others in a desired field and making the connections that might lead to a career. Lowell Matthews began teaching at SNHU in 2012, and has recently found how fruitful networking can be for people of all ages. Matthews primarily teaches OL classes, including Human Resource Management, Social Environment of