Gustafson Center (image credit: SNHU)

SNHU President Paul LeBlanc announced new COVID protocols on January 12 that will be put in place upon arrival to campus Monday, January 17. Student residents will be required to receive COVID testing which will take place at the Gustafson Center and within residence halls between 9am and 3pm on move-in day. Commuters are also encouraged to get tested.

“While students await their test results, classes will be remote and dining will be to-go only on Tuesday, Jan. 18, and Wednesday, Jan. 19. On Thursday, Jan. 20, in-person classes will resume and the Dining Center will open for dine-in services,” said LeBlanc in an email. The mask mandate will still be in place on campus.

“Due to limited quarantine/isolation housing on campus, students who test positive will be sent home to complete their mandatory isolation period. Exceptions may be available to students who live more than 3 hours away, have an immunocompromised person in their household at home, or don’t have a safe place to go,” said Executive Vice President Donald Brezinski in an email sent out to students.

In addition to this, faculty, staff, and students will be required to get a booster shot.

“SNHU will require all employees who come onsite and all campus students to have a booster shot by March 1 or within 30 days of becoming eligible,” said Leblanc. “To assist students and employees in obtaining a booster shot, SNHU will host booster clinics on campus in the coming weeks and months…Our human resources team will share more information in the coming weeks.” 

Those that have already received a booster can upload their proof of vaccination to the CoVerified app.

As classes continue online for the first two weeks of the spring semester, this brings up the question: will the two weeks of remote learning be extended? With arrival to campus pending, and COVID on the rise, SNHU will be doing everything in its power to allow students to meet in-person.

“By starting the semester collectively following these safety protocols, we are working together toward our shared goal of staying on campus for the remainder of the year,” said Brezinski.

As always, the COVID-19 protocols are subject to change.