Virtual Events (img src: FM Magazine)

Remote education and social distancing have created a situation where we cannot have the normal face to face interactions we are used to. Despite this, interacting with others is still important in order to make strong connections and relationships.

Southern New Hampshire University continues to have events going on, remotely, of course. They are giving students opportunities to connect with other students who have similar interests, while also being involved in campus activities and events. This allows students to do something they are interested in and have fun with other classmates while still being safe at home.

Involvement is a great way to gain more skills and network with other students, staff, and possible future employers. It also helps students grow by allowing interactions and discussions to take place. Students have the opportunity to improve their interpersonal skills by attending events.

Interpersonal skills include verbal and non-verbal communication, listening skills, emotional intelligence, team-working, negotiation and persuasion skills, as well as conflict resolution. Virtual events are meant to be fun and stress relieving, especially after a long day of RingCentral meetings. Some events include Homecoming week, meditations and yoga, Big Money BINGO, Speed Trivia, painting, and many more that can be found on the Southern New Hampshire University website.

During times where we are staying home and don’t have the option to attend school face to face, it is great to attend and take advantage of the virtual events the school has to offer. Involvement is important to our education, and future jobs as well, so being present during events and taking advantage of what there is to offer will only improve your interpersonal skills even more. For more information on events and when they are happening, please check out SNHU’s event calendar!