The Google Console, or Google Stadia as it also called, is a wonderful new console that has a lot to offer players around the world. However, at the same time, it seems too good to be true. Google Stadia seems, sounds and looks like a dream come true. Being able to watch or stream games at 4k, 60fps without gaming hardware is unheard of.

To summarize what that means, Google is saying that this console can stream games like Red Dead Redemption or Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, two games with crazy visuals, on par with the actual game itself being played on an Xbox, PC, or PlayStation console through the use of a server. If Google Stadia lives up to what it wishes to, the possibilities that this console would bring are ridiculous.

Imagine being able to play huge, open world games on your phone anywhere by streaming. Although this feature may not be unique or new, for example, Sony already added a feature to let you play your PlayStation games on your mobile devices. However, it does not include 4k, 60fps, and ultra graphics and the PlayStation system is the one doing all the work, not a server.

Trying to envision this is mind-boggling. When you play a video game, it makes sense that a big boxed console or handheld bulky device is what’s allowing you to do so; but just having a controller and playing video games generated by a program or server turns a few heads. On top of that, they are also promising features such as being able to start up a game just by watching a streamed video of it, like a sort of recommendation option.

Aside from the odd name, Stadia, there are no apparent negative outcomes that can come out of the creation of this console. Just keep in mind, that so far, all of these things are just claims. No one has yet to see whether or not Google can back up these promises. If they do, however, all other consoles will have a major competitor to fight. Why? Because as of right now all major consoles except for the switch pretty much do and offer the same features, with the switch being the dominator in portability. But if the Google Stadia can perform its tasks, it will be the dominator of portability due to it’s 60fps graphics comparison. It will also offer something new to all consoles, such as being able to play on any platforms or devices such as Phones, Ipads, TVs, Laptops and more (as long as the user has access to a server). Finally, it will become the world’s most accessible console because of how simple and easy it makes accessing games.

Now, why are people skeptical? Well, the answer is quite simple really, the very claim of being able to access and play almost any video game through a server and not a console, is otherworldly. Otherworldly is an overstatement, but the general premise is that this sounds like a project that is years away from us, or possibly unreachable.