Haillie Letourneau is pictured in her Monadnock apartment doing schoolwork.

What is the truth behind course evaluations? Where do they go? Is it even worth anyone’s while to fill them out? Actually, course evaluations do have a significant impact on the way a class is run and even how an instructor teaches in the future.

Andrea Bard, a communications professor here at SNHU, says, “I have changed course material and even some methods of teaching based on my course evaluations.”

Additionally, she states that administration does step in if a professor consistently gets negative feedback on course evaluations. This is done to ensure a change is made. Bard also says she is unable to view her course evaluations until after they have been reviewed by administration. This reviewing process is only completed after final grades have been submitted, and that is when faculty are able to view their evaluations.

Carina Palumbo (’19) says she almost always fills out her course evaluations. “I know my teachers really appreciate the feedback, whether it’s good or bad,” says Palumbo. “That’s why I always try to fill them out and write lots of comments.”

Another student, Brendan Brock (’20), also states that he always fills out his course evaluations. “It’s really helpful to get the 15 minutes at the end of class for course evaluations. That’s when I always fill mine out,” says Brock.

Both students say they are equally likely to fill out course evaluations for teachers they loved as they are for those whom they disliked. However, Haillie Letourneau (’21) admits she goes into more detail in the comment section of her evaluations when she has suggestions for improvement.

Detailed comments, whether the feedback is good or bad, can be extremely helpful for professors. So, it may be worth it for students to take that extra fifteen minutes at the end of class to let their professors know how they felt about the course.

Course evaluations opened on Monday, December 10 and will close on the last day of classes which is Friday, December 21.

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