(image credit: Kacie Tomita)

Khalid’s full-length album, “American Teen”, was released in March of 2017. The 20-year old’s album took off on the charts as it sits in the number four on the Billboard 200. The album reached 147,000 sales with 1,220,000 streams. The “Suncity” EP, his second project, is filled with emotional lyrics, groovy beats and mesmerizing harmonies and vocals.

The new material on the EP matches the young artist’s style. Synthesized beats and instruments pulsate through the album. The instrumental side of the album is crafted to perfection as rhythms become slow dances.“Suncity” feels like American Teen but Khalid does not “copy and paste” his work. The new EP is original but keeps the vibes of the original music from Khalid.

Lyrically the album is emotional. From “Vertigo” to “Saturday Nights,” Khalid is genuine and honest. The mini-album is about love. The chorus of “Saturday Nights” and “Better” give the best example.

Lyrics such as “They don’t care like I do. Nowhere like I do. And all the things that I know” from “Saturday Nights” and  “Love to see you shine in the night like the diamond you are,” from “Better,” come together with Khalid harmonizing with himself and trying new things in his work. Khalid also surprises his audience in “Suncity (feat. Empress Of)” when some of the lyrics are in Spanish which is something new.

The downfall of the EP is it is too short. Two of the eight songs are short instrumentals that put the audience in a very relaxed mood but overall, they do not do anything for the EP.

All in all, Khalid’s new EP “Suncity” is a majestic balance of emotion in music. The young artist puts a twist on his style of music with experimentations of lyrics and instrumentals. The downfall is the EP is too short and Khalid fans will be hungry for more.

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