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The fourth rendition of “A Star Is Born” is now gracing the big screen. With talented actor Bradley Cooper making his directorial debut and the pop queen Lady Gaga making her film debut, the film was highly anticipated. “A Star Is Born” lives up to the hype, telling a raw and honest love story filled with both passion and tragedy.

When Jackson Maine, a fading rock star with an alcohol problem, meets unknown musical talent Ally, he is instantly in awe of her talent. The two quickly fall for one another and work together musically until Ally’s career takes off. As she develops into her own artist, Jackson’s career and personal life begin to tumble. The film shows the harsh reality of the music industry and living in the public eye.

This is now the fourth time this story has been told, but with each somehow finding a way to rip your heart out just a little bit harder and leaving you crying in your seat a little bit longer. The main plot points remain the same through each movie, but every version has its own specifics that reflect the time period and society of each film. This 2018 film focuses in on the idea of the “pop star” and society’s ideals of what beauty is.

The acting and plot of the film are both riveting and captivating, but the real show stopper was the music. Songs include “Shallow”, “Is That Alright” and “I’ll Never Love Again,” which is a powerful and emotional ballad to close out the film. These songs are authentic, heartfelt and have meaning behind them, but when Ally’s career takes off, her identity and sound change. She begins singing more vapid songs such as “Why Did You Do That” and begins to lose herself to the pop world.

The two characters face their issues both as artists and as a couple, but the undeniable chemistry between Cooper and Gaga is next level. From beginning to end it is almost as though you forgot you were watching actors and not a real life couple going through life together. The way they would look at one another showed the true love and heartbreak they were feeling.

The film was fueled by incredible acting, Gaga’s powerhouse live singing and impeccable debut directing from Cooper. It was emotional and told a real and believable story through and through. There is already Oscar buzz surrounding the film, and it wouldn’t be surprising if we saw it take home more than one award.

It will make you smile from ear to ear, dance in your seat, laugh and cry. For those who haven’t seen it yet, bringing tissues is advised.


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