Aguilar, Samantha – SNHUTV, Now Showcasing on 300 Acres

We have just seen the beginning of the future for SNHU. Thanks to the wonderful SNHU community, SNHU has been capable of growing more and more each semester. SNHU has once again shown its desire to keep growing by introducing a new media platform to campus called SNHUTV.

According to Stephen Boucher, Director of Marketing and Communications, the purpose behind SNHUTV is “to shine a spotlight on the many wonderful things that are taking place throughout campus to educate, entertain and inspire our viewers.”

SNHUTV was conceived as a partnership between the SNHU On-Campus social media team and the Media Services team led by Tom Helm. Boucher adds that the idea of SNHUTV first originated with the need of providing students, faculty and staff with a new platform where they could freely showcase any aspect of their experience at SNHU and “have their stories told in a fun, visual way.”

As you may have noticed by now around campus, SNHUTV has rapidly made its way through every screen at the Dining Center, the Academic Center and on Channel 70.2 in all of the residence halls. As the year progresses, however, the SNHU Community will be able to enjoy the large variety of shows SNHUTV offers at additional locations on campus. Thanks to the continuing effort and work of the SNHU On-Campus social media team and Helm’s Media Services team, SNHUTV will soon be capable of evolving into something more than just “simple, college programming.”

“We’d love to get to the point where we’re featuring a daily or weekly student news segment by the Penmen Press, music reviews from Radio SNHU, SGA election speeches and maybe live streams of important campus events,” said Boucher.

Anyone at SNHU can share their content through SNHUTV. Students are always welcome to submit their content at Clubs and organizations are particularly encouraged to use SNHUTV as an additional tool to promote and showcase themselves on different screens throughout campus in hope of attracting new members. The SNHUTV system is built with a capability for graphics which makes it possible for original video content or a simple flyer for upcoming events to appear on screens throughout campus.

If you are interested in news around campus, knowing about upcoming events or if you are simply looking for a way to make some memories while studying at SNHU, then SNHUTV is your go-to.

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