The University Honors Program has recently undergone a major change. When a position as the new honors director opened up, Dr. Lowell Matthews knew the position would allow him to make the difference he wishes to see in the world.

Graduating from SNHU with his undergrad and becoming a part of the faculty in 2012, Matthews has always been an active participant in the university’s community. Teaching many different Organizational Leadership classes, he has also had the ability to engage with numerous students on campus. Being the new honors director has given Dr. Matthews the platform he needs to achieve his dreams.

“The motivation for me to put my name in the hat was because I had such a positive experience with my undergraduate program when I was in the University Honors Program. I want to make a program where the students can walk around campus and rock their honors gear. I want the students to be so motivated and feel a part of a special community,” he said.

Matthews has already started making changes to engage the students more. In Robert Frost 112, there is a new honors lounge. Come Thanksgiving time, it will be fully stocked with brand new furniture and tables for honors students to come together and work. Matthews said, “I have a dream of walking by at any point of the day and seeing this honors lounge full”. With the current lounge not being actively used, students now have an opportunity to gather in a private meeting area as well as a common room.

Starting a new position may come with some challenges, but Matthews is taking each day as an opportunity and turning the honors program into what the students and himself have envisioned. A student of Matthews’ said, “we want to be engaged, we want to be challenged, and we want to pick it up a notch” and that is exactly what he plans on doing.

“I would like to get to the point where every student in the honors program is going to be able to answer two questions. One is ‘Why am I here, and why am I a part of this honors program?’ and two is ‘what is the change that I want to see take place in the world?'” said Matthews.

With a personal philosophy of his being that students should be able to apply what they are learning, the University Honors Program is sure to have prosperous years ahead.

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