College can be a difficult time for some students. The transition causes anxiety and stress, leaving students with an unbearable feeling of discomfort. Oftentimes, it can be difficult for a student to share what’s on their mind, as there may not always be someone around to share it with.

Tyrron Pierce (‘21) had a friend in a similar situation who just wanted to share her story. Pierce listened to her, which enabled her to release built up emotions. He thought he could turn his experience with her into something important, but wasn’t sure how.

One day, Pierce was talking with his friends about how they wanted to get more involved. They decided they wanted to try to create a club on campus, but they didn’t know how to do so or what the theme would be. In that moment, he had an epiphany. He decided to start an organization where students can share stories, he named it the Moonlit Society.

Moonlit Society is named after an old TV show called The Midnight Society, where kids would gather around campfires and tell stories to one another. Moonlit Society’s e-board consists of Tyrron Pierce as president, Julia Brau (’21) as vice president , D.J. Maxim (’21) as secretary, Lily O’ Connor (’21) as treasurer and Thomas Ordway (’19) as visionary. Their mission is to provide students with a setting to share their stories, whether it be ghost stories, life stories or anything of their choosing. The club wants to encourage a safe environment and give confidence to students who may need an outlet.

When asked about what’s expected of the club, Pierce said he wants “to build a community of people to let stress out because, like I said about my friend, we did that every week, and it helped so much…”

Pierce hopes to collaborate with other organizations on campus. He’s wants to try things such as making stories for role-playing game campaigns in Gaming Club and sharing stories on Radio SNHU so other students can listen in. Their largest event of all this year will be called the Story Fire. This is when the entire club will get together and create their own story. Once the story is completed they will present it to the Drama Club. Hopefully, together, they can bring their masterpiece to life. The club also plans on going on a small trip to Salem, Massachusetts for a ghost tour or to see some haunted locations.

Pierce knows that a lot of pressure is placed on students when they are on campus and hopes this club can help many students overcome their insecurities. He has worked very hard to get his club where it is now, and he believes it has been worth the effort.

“If it helps people and makes them feel comfortable on campus, if it makes them feel loved, then that’s what I want,” he said. Pierce is giving all he has to this club to make it a special place for all students who want to come and join.
Moonlit Society will meet in room 106 in the ACC every Thursday at 6 p.m.

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