(image credit: Netflix)

“On My Block” is a new series on Netflix that tackles life in the eyes of teens that grow up around gangs and in neighborhoods plagued by violence. The story takes place in Texas and surrounds the lives of Monse, Cesar, Jamal and Ruben. The story tackles their lives upon entering high school.

The show took many by storm and puts out a different perspective on what it means to struggle and live in a fractured home all while still trying to live and even more so, enjoy life and what you have.

The entire series tackles the typical situations relating to the lives of teenagers. However with this show, the kids each have their own stories and problems that they face day to day.

The problems they face each day are interesting. For example, Cesar must constantly find a way to balance maintaining good grades while also dealing with the fact that he’s been inducted into his brothers gang and that there’s no way out.

What I love about this series is that the daily occurrences the cast witnesses are actively embraced. Furthermore, the personal problems each character faces are all intricate and play a huge role in who they are as characters.

Everything in this show comes around full circle for the characters. Each episode is impactful and drives the audience to continue onward. With Ruby’s comedic relief on top of Jamal’s quirky behavior, the show just feels good all around and all of the characters are relatable and likeable.

I highly recommend this show to any and everyone who wants a show that explains a struggle but at the same time stresses the point of enjoying life whenever possible. “On My Block” gets the job done. It’ll evoke all sorts of emotions within its viewers regardless of their background or personal experience.

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