Jessi Campbell, host for SNHU Celebrations. (image credit: Blue Devil Productions)

The Coordinators of Activities and Programming Events (CAPE) will be hosting a student-run talent show in which all students will be able to showcase their greatest skills on stage. The event will be called SNHU Celebrations. Music and singing will be the majority of the entertainment, but it is not limited to just those talents. The show will take place on April 18 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. and is to be held in the green space. The athletic complex has been designated as the back-up location.

This event is meant to give students the opportunity to show their fellow classmates their talents. There will be unique performances that their peers may not be aware they were able to do.

Samantha Fraser (‘20), the Student Coordinator for SNHU Celebrations and weekday chair for CAPE, said, “We’re hoping to get as many clubs involved as possible to join and run an activity.”

There is a large variety of talents being showcased this year. Participants may include an instrument or prop to assist them. The goal of SNHU Celebrations is to celebrate the vibrancy of the SNHU community. Other campus clubs will also be hosting activities during this event.

Fraser also said, “It’s going to be a fun way to showcase some of the talent at SNHU.”

SNHU Celebrations will provide students with a chance to relax and watch to their fellow students express something they are passionate about.

The show is going to be hosted by Jessi Campbell, a professional comedian.

“The talent of SNHU Celebrations is mainly composed of singing, though other student talents will be showcased as well,” Fraser said.

The student performers auditioned to be featured in the show and decisions are currently being made as to which ones will be chosen to perform. They are to be announced at a later time.

Everyone is welcome to come and watch this event. CAPE looks forward to serving as the host.

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