Hillsboro is one of the five Townhouses. (image credit: Jaelle Matthieu / Emma Sheehan)

This article was originally posted in the SNHU Observer (Volume V, Issue 2) on October 28, 1998:

The latest rumor spreading around the New Hampshire College campus is the Townhouses are going to be removed in the near future. This rumor also says an academic building and a dorm resembling Washington Hall will replace the Townhouses.

President Gustafson said New Hampshire College is speaking with contractors about redesigning parts of the campus. One plan was to build an academic building in Lot C; however, this would have required taking out Sunapee, one of the Townhouses.

Gustafson said until there are plans to build new townhouse-style buildings, none of them would be removed.

Gustafson did talk about other plans he was looking into regarding the future of the campus. One plan involved restructuring the campus so that the residence areas and academic buildings would be at the center of campus.

Parking and roadways would be located around the outside of the buildings. This way, students would be able to use walkways to get to campus, instead of parking lots. This plan also included building new townhouses and apartments in the future. These would possibly be placed where the lower suites are currently located.

These are some of the many plans the New Hampshire College community is currently looking at. Keep looking for future updates on upcoming improvements to our campus.

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