In support of breast cancer research, the Franco-American Centre, CAPE and the Penmen Press will be teaming up to host the 5K Color Run, also known as “Paint the Campus Pink,” on Saturday, April 14.

Check-in will be at 10:15 a.m. at the front entrance of the SNHU Dining Hall, and the run is set to begin at 11 a.m. The 5K route will consist of two loops around campus with various “color stations” set up along the way where volunteers will not only be painting the campus with color but the runners as well.

Degree in three students Bradd Ross(‘19), Bradd Nadeau(‘19) and Ryan Moskevich(‘19) began planning this event originally as a project for their Marketing 312 course. They became intrigued with how they could raise more awareness for their cause and how they could make a greater impact.

Bradd Ross said they “decided to do a race incorporated with the cause [Breast Cancer awareness],” stating that “it relates to everyone particularly” because of how common breast cancer has become, affecting one in eight women in the United States.

They have been working avidly in collaboration with the Franco-American Centre, a nonprofit organization, to ensure that this event runs smoothly and to get as many students and faculty involved in supporting their goal as possible.

Ross said, “Our goal is to get 300 people to go so we can raise about 3,000 dollars.” They plan to donate that money to the American Breast Cancer Foundation as well as the Franco-American Centre.

Anyone who is interested in this event can purchase tickets online at for only ten dollars; however, tickets will not be sold on the day of the event. Those who are among the first 200 people to register will receive a free T-Shirt that can be worn to further support the cause.

It is the hope that this color run will continue for years to come in order to raise more money for the American Breast Cancer Foundation, to bring about more awareness of how much breast cancer has affected those around us and to help contribute in putting a stop to this epidemic.

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