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On March 13, the trailer for the next installation of Fantastic Beasts was revealed. This trailer was packed full of content that would help link this series even further to the Harry Potter storyline. We’re introduced to tons of new characters. Some of these characters we know already but this time we are seeing them in their youth (Dumbledore, for example). Furthermore, it seems Dumbledore is not the headmaster, but merely a professor in this movie. The wizarding world we’re introduced to is entirely different than the one we’ve grown accustomed to in Harry Potter. The feeling and vibe of this wizarding world feels a bit more grown up and formal compared to Harry Potter. It is entirely possible that we’ll begin to see the very beginning of the Deathly Hallows or at least one of them. This may also show us how Albus Dumbledore got his wand.

In the trailer, we’re given scenes with Hogwarts in them, but we aren’t necessarily introduced to any of the students. It’s possible that being introduced to students that have a larger role in the Harry Potter series is being kept secret. The main villain continues to be Grindelwald, portrayed by Johnny Depp, who is considered to be the second most dangerous wizard in the Dark Arts right behind Tom Riddle. It is said that Grindelwald and Dumbledore were once friends, but this ended when Ariana Dumbledore died as a result of a duel between Grindelwald, Albus Dumbledore and Aberforth Dumbledore. Based on all of this, it is possible that we could see one of the greatest Wizard duels throughout the world of witchcraft and wizardry. It’s possible that Grindelwald and Dumbledore may face off against one another and that the resultant battle is the most intense yet.

We also get to explore more creatures through Newt Scamander, such as in a scene involving what seems to be an underwater sea dragon or sea lizard. Furthermore, it’s possible we may be introduced to a young Kingsley Shacklebolt as well. Overall, this movie will definitely strengthen the connection it has with the Harry Potter franchise.

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