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“Justice League” was a decently enjoyable movie to watch despite some weird story developments and character portrayals. The moments that led up to the incredible pulse-pounding action felt somewhat forced, and characters like Batman and The Flash could have been portrayed better. The villain was kind of just okay and didn’t stand out a ton other than the fact that he was so strong that he had to have the entire Justice League formed to defeat him,  and he brought the good story element involving capturing cubes that would be used to unleash a powerful terror. 

Batman’s portrayal in this movie was somewhat lackluster when compared to others. While Ben Affleck could play a good Bruce Wayne, he didn’t represent Batman as someone who was really a force to be reckoned with.  

Despite solidifying himself as the group leader and the one who ultimately brings the Justice League together, Batman’s fighting skills aren’t really that great. He uses a gun to kill a bunch of generic minions at one point while the rest of the Justice League are going beyond just that. He knew how to fly his ship and drive his car, but it seems pretty minimal compared to what someone like Wonder Woman could do. The thinking might have been that if he were made the leader, maybe it would make up for his weak fighting skills. Unfortunately, the creators are mistaken if that was the intent. 

As for the other characters, they did mostly well in their portrayals. Cyborg was somewhat cliché, as he was the typical “I don’t want to fight, but I guess I’ll do it anyway” type, but he fit in with the group fairly well.  

The Flash could have had his powers used in a much more powerful way as opposed to how they were used in this movie. He was portrayed as someone who could barely socially interact with anyone, never mind put his life in danger. He was timid to help out at many points in the movie, which undermined the potential power he could have provided for the group.  

Aquaman was pretty fun to watch, despite most of his fighting not occurring in water and mostly with his trident. I felt it didn’t really represent Aquaman that well, as he was more like “Guy with large spear” rather than “God of the Oceans.” Regardless, he was still a fun character to watch.  

Wonder Woman was most definitely the best character to watch in this movie, as many would agree. She showcased her skills in this movie by showing off her day job, fighting both crime and working a regular job at the beginning. She pulls off a ton of great moves versus the enemy in fighting the main villain along with other baddies, as well as being a great unifier for the group. 

While “Justice League” was indeed a fun movie to watch, there were some plot elements that stood out as questionable in the movie. Let’s just say the Justice League didn’t quite have what they needed to defeat this main villain, and they wanted assistance. What leads up to getting this assistance was somewhat hard to watch; however, the end result of getting this assistance is awesome, with great action as well as a great ending that leaves viewers on a high note when the movie is over. 

“Justice League” was overall a fun movie to watch, and a notably good attempt at trying to make up for the failures of “Batman v. Superman” and “Suicide Squad.” Though some story elements stood out as either unnecessary, strange, or hard to watch, as well as some lackluster character portrayals, the movie still proved to be enjoyable. Intense action along with how the Justice League comes together as well its end result make for a fun watch. 

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