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“Will and Grace” are back stronger and funnier than ever. Old fans will surely enjoy the comeback of the original foursome, however, the show will be facing a new challenge: a new audience. New social norms, concepts, ways of living, opinions and furthermost, ideals are some of the challenges the revival of the show will have to explore in upcoming episodes.  

Having seen the first five episodes of the renewed “Will & Grace”, I must say that I am quite surprised with their comeback. Creators Max Mutchnick and David Kohan promised that the show wasn’t really something new and that old fans could expect the same humor and essence of the show. However, I’ll say that such promise of the 1998 show to be “literally the old show” turned up to be just a lie, at least to some extent. 

The premise of the show stayed the same, as well as our characters, the rhythm and humor. However, the jokes and the situations the characters found themselves in have been adapted for today’s “style” of comedy shows. 

It might surprise you to know that the show has gotten a little bit more serious about the topics it targets. In the first episode, we have Grace working on a new project: decorate the Oval Office. Once she gets to the Oval Office, she asks Karen to handle her bag of Cheetos to see if she has “the right color”. After she takes it out, she says “Yeah, this is it”. With this, we should probably get used to a politics-centric comedy show which might bring some discussions from both sides of the coin. While some find it inappropriate and unfunny when it shouldn’t be, some others might find it to be just their cup of tea. Is it appropriate or not? Ratings will be the judge of that. 

In the fifth episode, it tackles the idea of the current challenges facing the LGBTQ community which gives Jack a greater role in this episode. This episode sure has laughs from the side of Grace & Karen but from the side of Jack and his grandson, not all is laughs and smiles. It takes a more serious turn into the situation. Although “Will & Grace” was around the time when the LGBTQ community already existed, it wasn’t as present as it is today. This time the show faces the challenge of handling this kind of topic on a whole new level. It takes the topic in a more serious context, more than it did before as it tries to “educate” their audience. The new “Will & Grace” so far has proven to be a show worthy of watching. 

Old and new fans will surely enjoy their time as they relieve new and old moments of the 1998 hit sitcom. As said, the old cast is there with the show’s unique humor and story but this time they are adapting to a new society and so far they are doing it flawlessly. 



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