Patty Lynott (pictured far left) will be in charge of campus operations (image credit: SNHU)

This past Thursday, September 26, President Leblanc announced his resignation from the role of Campus President of SNHU’s University College, with his title changing to University President and CEO.

Provost Patty Lynott will now be assuming the Campus President role.

“In terms of my new appointment, I honestly don’t believe there are going to be huge changes,” said President Lynott. “I will certainly be taking on more external commitments due to the increasing demands on President Leblanc’s time and talent, but the primary purpose of my role is no different today than it was when I started here in 2007: Execute the University’s vision and mission.”

The change ends Leblanc’s 14 years as the head of the university campus. In that time, SNHU has seen a large expansion, including an online program responsible for a student body of 85,000 worldwide. As a result, the duties of the President role have grown and necessitated the creation of this new title.

“The innovative, transformative changes we are nationally recognized for really center on how we deliver high quality education,” said Lynott. “My new role is responsible for ensuring that we continue to deliver high quality education to all our campus students through rigorous and meaningful academic work, and by offering a huge range of leadership, athletic and extracurricular opportunities.”

Leblanc’s statement to the student body expressed his faith in Lynott to fulfill the needs of the campus.

“[Campus President] is a role [Dr. Lynott] has increasingly played as my absences have grown more frequent and lengthy, and no one has more passion for the work, for the campus and for you than does Dr. Lynott. She has been a member of my team for ten years now and I know we have the same values and same commitment to student success.“

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