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On October 10, SNHU launched its new Masters in Fine Arts (MFA) in Creative Witting program to be added to their online degree opportunities. Unlike the previous MFA program, this online program will enable students to earn their Master’s degrees entirely online, without a residency, while also allowing students to build their craft on their interests and strengths through focuses in genre fiction.

Taylor Wilamowski, a College of Continuing Education (COCE) Graduate Admissions, spoke on this program and the new opportunities that will be afforded to its participants.

“SNHU has seen a significant deal of interest in creative writing and believes that the creation of this program will be a great fit for writers who are interested in honing their writing craft through intensive graduate study,” said Wilamowski. “This program will also compliment the university’s extensive suite of existing writing programs, including the online BA in Creative Writing & English, the online MA in English & Creative Writing, and the low-residency Mountain-view MFA.”

With this program students who have experience, love and passion for writing will be able to have flexibility with their schedule as long as they are dedicated to their studies. The program acknowledges that some students’ schedules will not accommodate the residency, but that they should still have the possibility to pursue their interests and education. By the end of the program, students are expected to have written a full length novel.

When asked about his role would be in this new program, Wilamowski said, “An exciting aspect of this program for me in my role as a COCE Graduate Admission Counselor is that, unlike most MFA’s, SNHU’s MFA program welcomes writers interested in genre fiction. Are you interested in writing contemporary, romance, young adult, or speculative fiction – just to name a few options? Awesome, let’s talk about how this degree may be the right fit for you.”

There is also a certification piece that goes along with this program. For students, there is either the option to choose a certification in Professional Writing or a certification for Online Teaching of Writing. There is no additional cost for this additional aspect of the program.

Wilamowski concluded by sharing his excitement about being able to speak with prospective students about the program in the near future. “I’ve always loved working with creative writing students through the admission process because I love discussing the different kind of material these students endeavor to create.”

For more information about this program including what is required for admission, curriculum and tuition cost, students can visit

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