The SNHU Learning Center hosted its third Late Night Write Night event on Wednesday, March 1. The Learning Center staff and tutors encouraged students to use the library as a resource.   

They want students to utilize the walk-in tutoring hours for a variety of subjects, such as writing, math, IT and accounting, along with all of the other programs the Learning Center offers, and this event helped to promote that.  

The event was co-sponsored by CAPE, The School of Education, The Wolak Library Learning Commons, The Creative Writing Club and the Office of Diversity Initiatives.   

The Late Night Write Night was aimed for helping students with their current work, especially with midterm papers and projects.   

“This is the third time we are running Late Night Write Night. It’s really important to build the culture of writing because it’s such an important skill,” Writing Tutor Coordinator Selina Marcille said.  

The event was hosted from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m., which started with pizza and was followed by games played by students in a competitive way.   

In one room, the Creative Writing Club hosted a writein for students to spend time working on these academic projects, as well as creative works, to hit a goal of 10,000 words overall for the night. The group of eight students who participated in the writein exceeded the goal at 11,600 words at the end of the night.  

Eben Korankaye and Justin Terlisner oversaw the games and activities portion of the night. They helped students learn English phrases, vocabulary and jargons through informational activities and games.  

One session of the event focused on writing, which Adam Albano oversaw and made sure that everyone was doing well on their assignments.  

“The event is half game and half work with food on top. I enjoyed the games and all the events,” said Kullen Steger, a game programming major. Steger held the highest score in different activities throughout the event.   

“I had a great time,” Em Christian, a game art and development major said.  “Sitting while trying to do work and brainteasers is fun, and I think it was well thought through.”   

After winning one of the activities, Shanhu Chen said, “This is an awesome event. We enjoyed some delicious food and interesting games. I also learned some new words and phrases.”  

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