On Dec. 1, Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) welcomed multi-instrumentalist Noah Hoehn to campus.
Hoehn lit up The Last Chapter Pub with his energetic renditions of radio hit songs like Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive” and MAGIC’s “Rude”. His show consisted of an electronic marimba, keyboard, harmonica and a dhol drum, a double-headed drum originating in India.
“We saw Noah Hoehn at [the National Association for Campus Activities conference] and absolutely fell in love with his unique musical sound,” said Shannon Conway of Coordinators of Activities and Planners of Events (CAPE). “We thought we would take a chance and book someone different.”
Hoehn is a “live looper”, meaning his performance revolves around a loop pedal that allows him to record sounds and immediately play it back. This allows him to stack and layer sounds, essentially becoming a one-man-band of sorts. He even taught students a bit about how his setup works.
“I think overall students really enjoyed the show. He was funny, extremely talented and really got the audience engaged in his show,” said Conway.
Hoehn is most well-known for his harmonica playing; he received the McKnight Artist Fellowship for Performing Musicians three times in total.
He gave the audience a demonstration of this in the oldest composition he played, a harmonica piece from the early 20 century. It truly showcased the acrobatics Hoehn is capable of with his harmonica, with its rhythm meant to mimic on oncoming train.
“CAPE does quite a few musical acts on campus every year,” said Conway. “We would love to see another artist like him on campus soon.”

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