The week of Nov. 14 was the event-filled International Education Week (IEW) at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU). International Student Services (ISS) with the help of SNHU and off-campus representatives made these events possible.

On Nov. 14, the World Affairs Council, SNHU Careers, Study Abroad, ISS, and Women’s Center represented the Think International Fair event held in the Student Center lobby.The organizers aimed to help students learn about ways they can internationalize their SNHU experience both overseas and locally.

Leanne Bowden has worked with ISS as student success coordinator for two years. She is happy working with students. “Having had the chance to study, work and live overseas for over ten years myself, I understand what it means to be an international student and also how life changing international experiences can be,” said Leanne Bowden.

The Women’s Center sponsored the International Spouses and Families Group event on Tuesday, Nov. 15 to help participants connect with other international and American spouses.

This year, the International Ping Pong Tournament was a new addition to the IEW. In 1971, China held ping pong matches and beat England, America, Canada and Columbia. At this event, students participated to practice their own ping pong diplomacy with their friends.

“I used to be a good ping pong player, about five years ago, but haven’t played for a while,” said Hassan Khasawneh, a SNHU graduate student and a participant. “I enjoyed playing ping pong after a long time. I felt really good.”

International Culture Fair was the highlight of the International Education Week where students represented 17 countries from four continents. Rita Naughton, assistant professor of Teach English as a Second Language (TESOL) and Stephen Hinman, a graduate Language Studies (GLS) professor were the organizers of this event.

“Each year brings a new combination of students representing their countries,” said Rita Naughton. “I call them their countries’ ambassadors.”

Students represented their countries by wearing their traditional outfits. They also shared their traditional food, dessert and music with their visitors. “This year, we were very pleased with the outcome of the culture fair. We had a wonderful turn-out from students and professors all throughout the university,” said Naughton.

The week continued with International Bingo Night, Islam and Muslims in America’s Multipath and Multicultural Landscape, Bollywood Dance Lessons, Mandarin in a Minute and the International Game Night.

Yuyang Sun and Yu Zou, SNHU international graduate students taught Mandarin phrases to a group of SNHU students and staff.

“I think it was very well done. It was also interesting to learn about different Chinese cultures,” said Susan Call from the office of International Admission.

“In global market, we are together. Learning a new language will help us to communicate better,” said Sun. “I really enjoyed teaching some Chinese to a fun group.”

International Students Association and Gaming Club organized the International Game Night. This event brought international and American students together and helped them experience different cultures.

“The international students bring amazing games from their countries for us to experience along with unique candies and food,” said Brendon DiBiasio, the president of Gaming Club. “We provide our American games like Super Smash Bros and pizza to show them what entertains us.”

International Students Services and the organizers of the International Education Week encouraged students to represent their countries as best they can in order to educate the community.

“We hope the week has encouraged our students, faculty, and staff to think about how they all can internationalize their SNHU experience – which is so important in today’s world,” said Bowden.

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