With the new year, South­ern New Hampshire Universi­ty (SNHU) has revamped their Student Handbook which con­tains updated polices and uni­versity rules.

Included in the updated policies and rules are specifi­cations to the drinking games policy and the open container policy. These changes are be­ing enforced by university staff who have all been trained on the protocol for the up­dates.

The Student Handbook now states that any sort of drinking games, such as Flip Cup, Beer Pong, etc., are not allowed to be played on the university policy. These drink­ing games not only encourage the consumption of alcohol, but also are completely pro­hibited from campus.

Last year, drinking games were not allowed on campus either; however, this policy is being further strengthened by specifying that no matter what is in the cup, whether an alco­holic beverage or water, drink­ing games are not allowed in any way, shape, or form.

The Student Handbook has also updated the policy for open containers on campus.

Previously, the policy for open containers were mainly restricted to alcoholic bever­age containers like beer cans, wine bottles, or cups contain­ing alcoholic beverages.

The updated policy now sees open containers as any beverage without a factory seal like opened bottles or even tumblers and open hydration bottles such as Nalgenes or Camelbaks.

With the new policy, any­one with probable cause, such as slurred speech, red, glassy eyes, or impaired movement, may be asked to empty their container by a university of­ficial.

“Our Residence Life staff, specifically, our Resident As­sistants, have been trained on these new policies to follow a specific protocol on how to deal with them,” said Office of Residence Life Assistant Di­rector, Matt Petersons. “Our main priority is the safety of the students on this campus and to uphold our values as a university.”

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