(image credit: The Music Locker)

Musical guest Preston Pugmire performed in front of the Southern New Hamp­shire University (SNHU) Miles Room in the Dining Center on Tuesday, Mar. 22. The event was sponsored by CAPE and ran from 12-1 p.m. SNHU Senior Alicia Frazier was the orchestrator of the folk- music event.

The event gave students something different to expe­rience while dining.

Freshman Arianna Woodward was one of the many students in atten­dance. “He was really good! It was such a good experi­ence to have during lunch.”

A large crowd gath­ered around Pugmire as he played some of his original love songs. He also per­formed a few covers such as Ed Sheeran’s “Give Me Love” and Justin Timber­lake’s “Cry Me a River.”

Many in attendance sang along to his songs and picked up on his looping technique. Pugmire would first record a beat, play it back, and then add a few other instrumental parts be­fore singing.

Many people would first pass by, then sit down to lis­ten to Pugmire’s rich croon­ing.

In between his set, Pres­ton would crack jokes with members of CAPE.

While Pugmire per­formed, members of CAPE stood at a table handing out take-out boxes to promote the upcoming Timeflies concert. These boxes con­tained fortune cookies and coupons. For one lucky win­ner, there was a free ticket to the concert inside.

For many, the perfor­mance was a welcomed change to a regular dining experience.

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