April Fool’s Day is our year­ly time for pranks and good natured jokes. It’s what people in the media look forward to all throughout the year, and we at the Penmen Press are no excep­tion. We love thinking of jokes about our campus, and poking a little fun at the big guy. Sorry Paul, but it’s all in good fun.

Some of the April Fool’s articles this year are ridiculous and others seem as though they could actually be true, but we’re happy to say that every April Fool’s article is held up to the standard that our usually pub­lished articles are held to from week to week: we didn’t sacri­fice quality in favor of making these jokey articles.

We didn’t write any of the articles in our April Fool’s is­sues with the goal of tricking students, faculty, and visitors to our campus. In fact, we hope that everyone that picks up this edition and future April Fool’s issues of the Penmen Press is able to recognize the jokes and get a good laugh or two out of it.

It’s always a learning pro­cess for us, though. Last year’s layout was not entirely obvious about being in jest, leading to some confusion. This year, we tried to make it very obvious that there was a fake news sec­tion for April Fool’s Day.

Nothing that we printed in the April Fool’s section of this edition of the Penmen Press is meant to offend in any way. Our writers tackled a variety of topics on campus and made them humorous in their own ways and we hope that you will laugh reading them just as much as we laughed while we were writing them.

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