The Last Chapter Pub morphed into Central Perk on Jan. 31 as more than 60 students gathered to watch several episodes of the classic sitcom “Friends.” The event began at 8 p.m. and ran for approximately two hours, showcasing five episodes that were streamed from Netflix onto a projector.

Tom Balestracci, the assistant director for the Office of Student Involvement and fan of the show, handpicked each episode. “I chose these episodes because they’re really classic moments from the series, and all contain pretty big moments from the show, like the reveal of Chandler and Monica’s relationship, and Phoebe learning that she’ll have twins,” Balestracci said.

When asked why he wanted to organize this event, Balestracci said, “I program a lot of events out of the office, and I knew this Sunday didn’t have anything scheduled, so I wanted to set up an event for students to just hang out and relax while watching a show that I love and I know plenty of other people I’ve talked to do too.”

A green screen was set up in the back of the pub for students to take their pictures in front of, placing them inside the Central Perk set from the show. The pictures were printed on mugs along with the words “The One with all the Penmen” in the “Friends” font.

Cookies and coffee were provided by Cup of Love, the student run bakery located in the Hospitality building, and were enjoyed by many of the attendees.

People were in good spirit, as laughter and chatter could be heard as the episodes played. Balestracci was pleased with how the evening went, and the size of the turnout.

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