Student Veterans, Chris Cavanaugh, Tung Le, and Adam Storer, carrying thier rucksacks at the starting line of the Penmen for Patriots 5k race. (image credit: Lexi Emerson)

The Student Veteran Asso- ciation (SVA) organized daily events to commemorate and celebrate all those who have served in the past and present while raising awareness to the club and large population of student veterans on campus. Veteran’s Week at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) began Nov. 8 and ran until Nov. 14.

The week commenced with a trip open to all students to the Currier Art Museum to see the exhibit “Witness to History: James Nachtwey – Afghanistan, Ground Zero, Iraq.” It featured photos taken by photojournalist James Nachtwey depicting the events of 9/11 amongst pictures taken in Afghanistan and Iraq.

On Monday night, a Veteran’s Networking Dinner was held at the Quill, follow- ing a networking workshop. Student Veteran Josh Gosselin explained, “The networking workshop was a great experience. We got to meet with alumni that are also veterans and that are more than willing to help us get careers after graduation.”

Veteran’s Week hit its peak on Wednesday, Nov. 11, as the nation celebrated Veteran’s Day. On campus, SVA honored all of the fallen service members in the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. This was held in the Academic Center starting at 6 a.m. and continuing all day. The memorial concluded with a Student Veteran playing “Taps” in honor of those who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty during these conflicts.

Wednesday night pro- gressed full steam with SVA cosponsoring Big Money Bin- go in the Dining Center with CAPE; in which a 55” LED television was given away as a top prize. Student veteran Chris Cavanaugh, President of SVA expressed excitement and gratitude over the opportu- nity of hosting the event, and the turn-out of students in at- tendance. He stated, “We are thankful for the opportunity to cosponsor this event, and the amount of SNHU students in attendance, and are excited to be giving away such great prizes.”

Thursday night in Walker Auditorium SVA sponsored a viewing of “The Hornet’s Nest”. This film was created by Journalist Mike Boettcher and his son while embedded

with U.S. Combat Troops. Si- multaneously, The NH Army National Guard Thirty-Ninth Army Band’s Small Jazz com- bo, performed in the Dining Center.

Rounding off the week, there was a Veteran’s Ball on Friday night on the second floor of The Dining Center, for student veterans from SNHU. Tacos and cake were served, and the event was catered by Sodexo.

The week concluded with the first annual Penmen for Patriots 5K that took place on Saturday, Nov. 14 beginning at 10 a.m. Runners from SNHU, student veterans, and outside guests ran the professionally timed course, and awards were given to the top runners. SVA president Chris Cavanaugh, SVA sergeant of arms Tung Le, and SVA adjunct Adam Storer walked the entire 3.1 miles in uniform complete with ruck- sacks. Student veteran Adam Storer explained, “They weigh about 50 pounds, it should be a fun walk.”

SNHU teamed up with the SVA and through Veteran’s Week created a sense of com- munity that fostered commu- nication and gratitude. Vet- eran’s Week was once again a success.

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