Celebrate SNHU Around the World: SNHU Students in Rwanda Share Their Stories

SNHU students and alumni across the world are winding down the semester and preparing to celebrate the holiday season. This past July, SNHU launched an initiative to expand their programs in Kiziba and Karongi, Rwanda, stimulating it with a 10 million dollar grant from anonymous donors. The university’s goal is to open three new sites in the next two years in Kenya, Lebanon and
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SNHU Around the World: An Inside Look into SNHU’s Refugee Initiatives in Rwanda

Bright and early the campus opens, class starts at 2:45 p.m., and then there’s some time to do homework. This is the same Monday through Friday for a group of SNHU students, except these students aren’t at the Manchester, NH campus. They are in Karongi, Rwanda. In Kigali and the Kiziba refugee camp, Kepler, a nonprofit higher education program, helps African students (both refugee