Leah Richards Starts New Leg of her SNHU Journey in Both Student Success and the Learning Center

The new school year brings changes for everyone, students and faculty alike. For some, however, these changes are more drastic than others and bring about a change in title, office and mindset. For Leah Richards, the 2017-2018 school year brought brand new positions, challenges and goals that needed to be set to ensure the success of SNHU Students. Going into her eighth year at

Sarah Stearns is the New Director of Academic Advising

As of this year, Sarah Stearns has taken on a new role at SNHU. Recently, she has been titled Director of Academic Advising. Located in the Green Center, Sarah Stearns can be found in the Academic Advising Office for Campus undergraduate day students. The overall vision of the Advising Office is to educate and empower all students in their academic development at SNHU. Beyond