Ways to Reduce Expenses in College

Being a college student generally indicates that very little money is being made. Having work studies, jobs on campus or off, summer jobs or internships typically are paying minimum wage or nothing at all. It is important to reduce monthly spending to ensure that students have spending money as well as money for emergencies and savings. Reducing monthly expenses can be easy when following

Ways to Tackle Debt

Student debt is becoming an increasingly large issue with 44.2 million Americans with student loan debt, as reported by the Federal Reserve, the central bank of the United States. Of that 44.2 million, the average monthly student loan payment is around $351 every month. In addition to student debt, many students often have various other debts as well, including credit card payments or car

Empowering Students Through Financial Literacy: An Interview with Kerry Koziell

Kerry Koziell has worked at SNHU for the past two years and was hired to help develop financial literacy outreach and programming for students to help educate the SNHU community about student loan management and personal financial wellness. Since then, the Financial Literacy team has served over 2,000 students through classroom workshops, debt check-up meetings, events and partnerships with other student-centered groups. The Financial

Credit Card Dos and Don’ts

Credit cards can either be a beneficial tool or a hindrance for users, it all depends on the financial choices that people make . The idea of “free money” and rewards benefits may seem like a win-win situation but there is more to consider when determining the right credit card to apply for. Sometimes credit cards can be useful and other times they can

Fintech is Embracing Innovation

Financial Technology (Fintech) is a new and modern way to handle finances whenever there is a few minutes to spare and a smartphone handy. Today, information is expected immediately and almost any answer can be found online. Fintech bridges the gap between instant gratification as well as convenience and financial services like banking, bill pay, investing and budgeting. Fintech can provide users with resources

One Click Away from Financial Success

Confused about what a credit score actually means? Wondering how student loan interest works? Do not worry, not all students have the opportunity to take a personal finance class in high school and that can leave some serious gaps in basic financial skills like budgeting, credit management and borrowing. SNHU’s Financial Literacy team has SNHU students covered, however. Over the summer, a new interactive

How to SNHU: Buying Textbooks

On top of tuition, room and board, supplie, and personal expenses, textbooks are another expense that adds to the already large pile of debt students accrue throughout the college years.  According to the National Association of College Stores, the average textbook price is $145 in 2016.  Textbooks are required in most, if not all classes, so it is important that students know the different

Student Employees Honored

The second annual Student Employee of the Year Reception was held on April 12 in the Hospitality Center on campus. Twenty-four dedicated, hardworking SNHU student workers were nominated for Student Employee of the Year and honored at the reception along with their managers and supervisors. The National Association of Student Employment Administrators (NSEA) designated the second week of April as Student Employment Appreciation Week. NSEA