Professors John McCannon and Pamela Jordan Deliver Discussion-Based Ukraine Seminar

Associate Professor of History and Political Affairs, John McCannon, and Associate Professor of Politics and Global Affairs, Pamela Jordan, held a seminar discussing the Russian/Ukrainian conflict on Wednesday, March 16. During the seminar, McCannon said, “Putin presents himself as the Judo Master, able to calculate force and motion in a precise way. Smaller interventions like in Georgia and the border of Moldova were invasions

The Future for Snow Days at SNHU

Snow days no more? That’s the big question being asked by the student body after the recent passing of the blizzard in February. While the snowfall certainly had an impact on campus, it took until a second snowstorm to reassure students that snow days would still occur. Or would they? According to Cara Procek, Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs and coordinator of snow