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Gabe’s Jam Sesh: Madeon’s “Adventure”

“Adventure” is an album I only discovered a few months ago, but was released on March 30, 2015 under the label Colum­bia Records. While I only discovered it during the fall of 2015, “Adven­ture” left a big impression on me. I had been following Madeon, a 21 year old French electronic music producer, for a while, lis­tening to his independently re­leased singles and watching
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“The Night Before”: Comedic Christmas Lessons

“The Night Before” is the seventh film by director Jonathan Levine (“Warm Bodies,” “50/50”). Released on Nov. 20, “The Night Before” stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt (“Looper”), Seth Rogen (“The Interview”), and Anthony Mackie (“The Hurt Locker”). The film centers around three best friends: Ethan, Isaac, and Chris (GordonLevitt, Rogen, and Mackie), as they embark on their final installation of a longstanding Christmas Eve tradition. After

Blackfish Screening

The Students for Environmental Action club (SEA), set up a screening of “Blackfish” on Nov. 11. A total of 13 people were present to watch the documentary, making for a personal, intimate screening. “Blackfish,” a documentary released in 2013 about the captivation of orca whales at SeaWorld and other oceanthemed amusement parks, was the film chosen by the SEA in order to bring light
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Gabe Carrio’s Jam Sesh: “Flume”

“Flume” is the debut, self-titled studio album by Australian artist Flume, obviously, released in 2011. An electronic music producer, Flume specializes in the experimental, down-tempo, and trip hop genres. “Flume” comes in two editions: the standard and the deluxe version, which I’ll be recommending to you this week. Right off the bat, I will say that, while I love each track on “Flume”, some
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“Spectre”: Craig’s Bond’s Swan Song

Let me preface this by saying I’ve never seen a Bond film. I paradoxically went into “Spectre” not knowing what to expect, and left with exactly what I expected. Looking at “Spectre” from a technical standpoint, I can confidently say that this film is incredible, with amazing cinematography, a beautiful score, and excellently casted characters. The biggest drawback the film suffers from, however, is