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Brockhampton’s “Saturation II” is Wonderfully Diverse

Brockhampton, the still fresh-to-the-scene rap collective composed of artists that met through a rap-oriented forum, released their second studio album on August 25, 2017, just a few months after their debut album “Saturation.” “Saturation II” contains a number of expertly well produced songs, none of which sound like what came before them. The diversity present on this album is its strongest asset. With most
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“Flower Boy” Paints Tyler, The Creator as Late Bloomer

Tyler, The Creator has long been the subject of both scrutiny and adoration in the rap world. For the most part, he comes off as a joke, and he knows it. He portrays himself and his music as a work of satire. But deep down, underneath all the pseudo-racism, homophobia, and near-mindless profanity is a talented rapper with legitimate ideas waiting to come out.