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NSE Program Creates Opportunity for SNHU Students

National Student Exchange (NSE) just recently celebrated its 50th anniversary since its establishment in 1968. Over the years, the program has successfully placed more than 120,000 students for exchange. With approximately 200 universities to choose from, SNHU students are given the opportunity to study in the United States, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. With no additional cost, SNHU students can
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Gain Global Business Skills in Cologne, Germany

Studying abroad as a business major allows students to gain a direct understanding of how international business compares to domestic business. Business students with the desire to travel have numerous options for studying abroad, including spending a semester at the renowned Cologne Business School (CBS) in Cologne, Germany. SNHU first partnered with the Cologne Business School in 2014 and students have studied there since
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Studying Abroad and Mental Health

Students preparing to study abroad have a lot to organize before leaving for a new country. Between packing and other physical steps needed before studying abroad, it is also key that students consider their own mental health before departure. Sophomore year, before departing for my study abroad trip to Italy, I thought about how I anticipated responding to such a big change. Knowing I
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The Importance of Walking: Studying Abroad by Studying the Small Things

Studying abroad presents many unique opportunities for reflection and growth. Study Abroad Director Stefano Parenti has rebuilt his philosophy based on the book “A Philosophy of Walking,” by Frederic Gros, which discusses how important it is to slow down, appreciate the small things and rediscover what it means to be human. “You’re doing nothing when you walk, nothing but walking,” writes Gros. “But having
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APRIL FOOL’S: Aliens: Did They Build SNHU’s Arch?

Over the Spring break, a mysterious archway was installed on North River Road to welcome students, faculty and guests to the campus. This archway features Southern New Hampshire University’s name on it, stands to be approximately fifteen feet tall and is made out of an unknown material. Many people have been questioning the origin of the arch. “I seriously had no idea this thing
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Spring Break Iceland Experience

Over this year’s spring break, 12 SNHU students had the opportunity to travel to Iceland. The trip correlated directly with the Norse Mythology and Graphic Novel course offered to students in the 2018 spring semester. The course itself incorporates elements of Norse mythology and graphic design as students are responsible for the interpretation of various stories regarding Norse myths. Students are then required to
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Who, What and Where in the United Kingdom

The University of Essex is a public university in Colchester, England. The study abroad program offered at SNHU makes it possible for students to attend and study at that university. While in the United Kingdom, students are encouraged to explore all that the country has to offer. Madeline Frisella (‘20) studied abroad last semester at the University of Essex and stayed in Colchester, England.
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Learn to Be Innovative with the School of Business

SNHU and the School of Business have teamed up once again to create a week long, 3 credit business course named Innovative Business Approaches (OL 308). It has been planned out by Dr. Lowell C. Matthews with the help of student Jessica Massey, who brought this course to life. “OL 308 Innovative Business Approaches is going into its fourth year," said Dr. Matthews. "SNHU