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Immersive Study Abroad Summer Program to Chile

I studied Spanish in high school for a few years and re­ally wanted to pick up on the language again...so I thought to myself, ‘Why not South America?’ said study abroad student Kristyn Laviola. The study abroad office has or­ganized their first interdis­ciplinary faculty-led trip to Chile. The trip is scheduled to take place May 15 to May 30. Students who are interested should
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Spring and Spring Break and Disney World

I, as always, have complicated feelings about spring. It is a season of vitality: new leaves growing, blossoms are blooming everywhere, and ani­mals are awake from hibernation. But every year back in my home­town, it can get really unpleasant during this period. As spring begins in the south­ern coastal area, the humid cli­mate makes everything watery, plus the intersection of the warm and cold