Louisa Martin: A Legacy Like No Other

Recently, the SNHU community lost one of its most valued members, Louisa Martin. As the director of the Diversity Initiatives office, Louisa Martin will be remembered for her wisdom, warm smile and commitment to making SNHU and the world a better place. The SNHU community shared some of their favorite memories with The Penmen Press. “Her witty jokes, feisty atti­tude, and that contagious smile
Letters from the Editors

Group Projects Are Group Anguish

Alright, SNHUdents, it’s that time of year again. It’s almost halfway through the Spring semester, so not only does that mean Midterms are fast approaching but also the bane of our existences: group projects. Somehow, the mes­sage still hasn't gotten back to teachers and professors. Stu­dents have been bemoaning group projects since middle school and yet, once again we are forced to work together