Meet the Editors

Nikki Fain
Editor in Chief
Nikki Fain acts as the Editor in Chief of the Penmen Press. Previously she has served as the Online Manager of the Penmen Press. This is her second year on Press, and it quickly has become one of her passions! Being able to explore her passion for writing has given her the chance to challenge herself in a position she would not find herself in! If she's not in the Press office, she's probably running around on campus, trying to catch her breath.
Nick Klotz
Editor in Chief
Nick is Editor in Chief of the Penmen Press. Formerly, Nick has served as the online manager of the Penmen Press. He is a senior at SNHU, studying information technology with a concentration in digital marketing. Nick's love for storytelling has inspired him to explore new ways for the Press to connect with their audience. When he's not in the Penmen Press office, Nick can be found at the movie theater or practicing with his band, Social Ghost.
Rosa Valente
News Section Editor
Rosa Valente is a Sophomore at SNHU. She is currently serving as a News Editor and likes to write about anything and everything. She is studying Creative Writing and English and hopes to become an author, or an editor at a publishing company. In her free time, she likes hanging out with friends, listening to music, reading, writing, and cooking or baking when she has a kitchen available to her.
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Opinion Section Editor
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Arts & Entertainment Section Editor
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Rachel Romeo
Penmen Abroad Section Editor
Rachel is a sophomore at SNHU. She is an honors student majoring in Business Administration with a minor in Marketing. Along with her involvement with the newspaper, Rachel shows dedication in leadership-building programs such as the Collegiate Leadership Team and the Signature Leadership Team. She looks forward to her second year at SNHU and her continuing role on the newspaper as social media manager.
Catherine Lachance
Sports Section Editor
Catherine is a junior at SNHU majoring in communications. She is in her second year as the Sports Editor for the Press and is also a member of club tennis.
Ginny Fagan
Copy Editor
Ginny is a junior at SNHU, majoring in English Language and Literature with a minor in Philosophy. She is the Senior Copy Editor for the Penmen Press. In addition to the newspaper, Ginny can often be found working out in the gym, reading Jodi Picoult and Hemingway, writing poetry and looking forward to spending her senior year abroad in England.
Nicholas VonSchantz-Ricci
Copy Editor
Nick is a sophomore majoring in Culinary Management. He loves to cook and he also has in interest in U.S. History and Humanities. He primarily writes news articles, as well as restaurant profiles. In addition to serving as Junior Copy Editor for the Penmen Press, he is the Publicist for SNHU's Culinary Student Association and a member of the Signature Leadership Program.
Emma Sheehan
Layout Editor
Emma is the Layout Editor for The Penmen Press and is a senior. She is majoring in graphic design and minoring in communications and music. She enjoys playing and listening to music and plays clarinet in SNHU’s band.
Jaelle Matthieu
Photography Editor
Jaelle is a junior at SNHU majoring in law and politics with a minor in history. Her love for photography has landed her the position of Photography Editor on the Penmen Press. Jaelle has been a part of the newspaper for almost three years and loves every minute of it. As a law and politics major, she hopes to dabble in some political opinion pieces that will shed truth onto today’s most controversial matters.
Jaime Mailloux
Lead Videography
Jaime is a junior studying marketing at SNHU. When she isn't living in the Penmen Press office she works as lead videographer. Jaime brings both her creative flare and business mind to help further the paper in its future endeavors.
Zach Meisel
Online Manager
Zach Meisel is a third year computer science major who enjoys writing movie reviews for arts and entertainment. Zach spends most of his time going to the movies with his friends and playing video games. When he isn't stressing about Linear Algebra, or life in general, he can be found at the CETA building where most of his classes are located.
Sultan Akhter
Business Manager
Sultan Akhter is a Business Administration major and also the rising business manager of the Penmen Press. He is also the president of Gaming Club and a Student Government Association (SGA) Senator. Sultan also is the university's newest E-Sports Coordinator looking for people also interested in this up and coming industry.
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Social Media Manager
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Maddie Covino
Community Relations Manager
Maddie Covino is a Sophomore and the Community Relations Manager for the Penmen Press. She is currently a double major in Communication and Sociology with a minor in Anthropology. Maddie is also an RA on campus who loves working with students!
Jon Boroshok
Club Advisor
With 20 years of public relations, marketing communications, and journalism industry experience, Jon Boroshok is the Faculty Adviser for The Penmen Press. He teaches Public Relations, PR Writing, PR Campaign Planning, Social Media, Data-Driven Decisions, Journalism, and Public Speaking. Boroshok earned his BS in Communication from Emerson College, and an MBA in Marketing from Northeastern University.