Concierge desk, located in the Student Center (Image courtesy: Felicia Johns)

The Student Center holds a variety of services that allow students to participate on campus. Below is what SNHU’s Student Center has to offer. 

The Last Chapter Pub

The Last Chapter Pub (The Pub) is well-known as the “heart” of SNHU’s Student Center. It’s located in the South Wing of the Student Center, near The Cupboard. Many events, such as Karaoke Night, are held there.

The Pub has a FREE Menu that serves many options, from Classic Lays Chips to Veggie Straws. They also provide food that starts at $1 off of their Hot Food Menu. Students can buy a corn dog for $1, or a pepperoni pizza for $8. 

The Pub’s Alcohol Menu has a variety of affordable drinks to choose from. They also have a Drafts Menu, ranging from Bud Light to Seadog Blueberry, all starting at $1. 

“[My] favorite place in the Student Center is [The Last Chapter Pub], since it is a place to do your homework, and it has events”, said Christine DeStefano (‘23). 

The Pub is open Monday to Wednesday from 9am-10pm for their “dry hours,” as well as Thursday to Friday from 9am-11pm for their “wet hours,” during which they serve alcoholic beverages for those at the age of 21.

On Saturdays, The Pub is open from 10am-11pm, with their “wet hours” beginning at 8pm. Sunday hours are 10am-10pm. 

The Office of Student Involvement and Club Resource Center

The Office of Student Involvement is known for assisting in club and organization functions, as well as hosting large campus events, such as the Involvement Fair.

Student Involvement’s office also offers limited office assistant work-study positions to help with planning these events. 

They distribute The Penmen Weekly digitally for students to know when events are happening. Students can also find all upcoming events through their SNHUticket website.

The Club Resource Center is the hub for students to discover new clubs and discover upcoming campus events. They were located next to Penmen Place by the main entrance of the Student Center; however, this year they have moved to the Office of Student Involvement in suite 106. 

Copies Plus

Copies Plus assists students and campus organizations by appointment with promotional products and office supplies. They provide flyers, posters, and laminations.

Copies Plus is in short supply of helium and is unable to fulfill balloon orders at this time.

“I’ve been working here since I was a freshman; I love the atmosphere and people that I work with. [I can] see all of the Student Center and people walking by” said Copies Plus Manager, Rachyl Cushman (‘23). 

Copies Plus is open Monday to Thursday from 8am-7pm and Fridays from 8am-5pm.

Inter-Greek Council

The Inter-Greek Council (IGC) is both a sorority and a fraternity. It consists of Phi Delta Theta, Kappa Delta Phi, Phi Omega Psi, and Theta Phi Alpha. 

The IGC holds many events, from their yearly Penny Wars and the Greek Week Lip Syncs, to the Greek Olympics.

General member meetings occur every Tuesday at 3:30pm in the Green Center, room 102A. 

Coordinate of Activities Programming Events (CAPE)

The Coordinate of Activities Programming Events (CAPE) plans out major events for students on campus. They host Major Concerts, karaoke, Big Money Bingo, and more.

At CAPE general member meetings, they plan out events and how members can get involved.

 CAPE holds its general member meetings bi-weekly on Mondays at 6pm in the Last Chapter Pub. 

Student Government Association (SGA)

The Student Government Association (SGA) constitutes the best interests of the community by taking students’ proposals and concerns, along with communicating with the administration for SNHU’s student-peers.

SGA has a total of 24 senators and 6 executive board members. 

SGA manages the Penmen Pride point system that SNHU students can use to earn prizes at the end of the semester. Points can be earned by attending sponsored general meetings and events, serving on a variety of university committees, assisting CAPE with their weekly Bingo, and planning events for the student body. 

The SGA is also open to hearing feedback to improve the SNHU community for the better.

The SGA meets every Tuesday in the Green Center, room 102A at 5pm. 

Radio SNHU 

Radio SNHU is a student-driven radio station that hosts podcast services and DJs campus events. The organization provides creative freedom and allows students to thrive in their passions.  

They are well-known for their Karaoke Nights held in The Last Chapter Pub, along with Name That Tune. 

“One thing I like about being part of the radio club is playing music I like,” says club member Tyler Stinson (‘25)

Radio SNHU has bi-weekly general meetings every Tuesday at 3:30pm in Robert Frost Hall, room 314. 

The Student Center is any student’s home base, ranging from services to clubs.

Felicia Johns
Felicia Johns is joining SNHU’s Penmen Press for the first time this year as a Staff Writer and freshman. Felicia also is participating in the Press’ Marketing Team as well. In her free time, she enjoys playing her twenty instruments.